Social Media Strategy For Your Internet Marketing Business

155People are turning to the internet to get information, to connect with others, to earn a living and do business; it is crucial that your social media strategy is in tune with what people need and that it provides for those needs. And the needs that you can effectively fill using your social media while growing your business at the same time are:

1. The need to connect – Although our lives have gotten busier, we still have the need to connect with one another; because we are social animals. In this fast paced world, people no longer connect in the same way they used to and have therefore turned to the internet and to the social media in particular to fill the need for connection. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc….owe their success to that. Also the internet leaves us with the feeling of being in control with who we socialize with and who we connect with. It is a non-threatening way to connect and explore other people’s views and to disconnect with an easy click of the mouse if you do not like the person on the other side. So, as you integrate social media in your marketing strategy, remember that these tools (Facebook, Twitter etc…) are primarily social sites. Socialize with people, talk to them; do not simply pitch your business… do not be one dimensional but let your personality shine.

2. The need for valuable information – People also go on social media to find concise info about various topics.

And those who give the most valuable info generously dominate these sites. On Twitter for example, you have people like Guy Kawasaki and Mashable who are incredible sources of info in their niche market and therefore have an insane number of followers, retweets and twitinfluence. So, as you provide info, be critical about its value and make sure that it is info that can be used and shared so that you can be a valuable member of your online community and your influence will grow accordingly. The success of your social media strategy will directly be reflected in your online business.

3. The need for self-branding – Remember that people do business with those that they feel they know, like & trust. Social media is the tool of choice for self branding. As you present your opportunity to the potential business partners online (through free marketing strategies or through paid strategies), people will do their due diligence and check you out on the web. They will want to know who they are about to partner up with in business and there is no better way to do so than to check out your web-footprint through your social media sites. So as you tweet, Facebook, or video market; remember that you are leaving a legacy that people will use to judge you by. Make it good. Giving value will serve you in the long run.