How to Create a Social Media Friendly Business Logo

5In today’s market, social media is an undeniably important part of any business’s marketing strategy. It is important to create a business logo that works well across different social platforms. There are many logo generators available online these days that allow you to create a professional looking logo design but it doesn’t end with just a good looking logo, you have to consider a lot more while finalizing on a business logo. It should be captivating enough to look sharp and attractive on different social mediums.

We have listed out some tips below to help you make the most out of social media platforms through your business logo:

Be Mindful of Your Aspect Ratio:

Aspect ratios are important when it comes to images on social media. Your logo shouldn’t be too short or too long. There are different aspect ratios for every social platforms and it is important that your image is scaled accordingly. Most social media sites show your images or logos into a square. Your logo should be optimized to look good in a square beforehand because if it isn’t then the image will be compressed, chipped or reduced to fit into one.

Keeping Different Versions of Your Logo:

There are chances that every logo gets used in many different ways. Some change it up a little according to different season or events while some make shortened version with just the image or an initial. You really can’t tell how your business logo may be used so you need it to be versatile and adaptable. You might need to rearrange or use just a portion of your logo to fit into different sizes and shapes. In some cases, it is almost impossible to use your full logo which is why you have to settle for a different version of your logo for social media applications. It is important that your text and graphics don’t lose their meanings when used separately.

Simplicity is the Key:

Avoiding detailed elements in your logo is also very important. We are not saying that you should go so simple that you risk being forgettable but bear in mind that your logo will be reproduced in different sizes and it should lose its meaning or impact when reduced in size. Thin lines, detailed graphics, and too many words are to be avoided. Try to keep it simple because a noisy business logo can confuse your consumers and often fails to communicate your message in a social media thumbnail.


Consistency strengthens your brand power and its visibility. People recognize you better when you have the same image everywhere for your business. The majority of brands create one simplified version of their business logo and use the same image across every social media platform.

These are few of the things you should bear in mind so that your business logo does well across the most powerful form of marketing these days i.e. Social Media Marketing.